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Posada El Límon in Maracay

Welcome at Posada El Limon in Maracay

A stay at Posada El Limon might just be a welcome pause in the midst of a tiring itinerary. On the other hand we can provide a comfortable base for a longer stay and trips to the many places of interest and beauty in the region or those further afield, such as the offshore Caribbean islands of the Margarita or Dutch Antilles or one of many fascinating destinations within Venezuela. Posada El limon speciality fantastic eco-excursion through the Henry Pittier national nature park under the supervision of an expert guide interpreter. Guides work closely with experts from Rancho Grande. An inpresive excursion for entomologists, bird-watchers, butterfly observers, herpetologists and other flora and fauna lovers.

The posada is a large former colonial mango-plantation manor house. The complex has one main building and a building where the rooms are located. It is surrounded by luxurious gardens with terraces. The complex is completely surrounded by a fence and electronic security system.

Facilities at Posada El Límon

The posada offers a hospitable stay

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